There are many trends that are going to stay from the previous seasons (and years!), despite moving into new direction.

It’s 2018 and I’m already diving into 2018 Fashion Trends so I can stay in style all year round. According to Glamour ,the hottest trends include the colour of the year (Ultra Violet),Balloon Sleeves, Colour Blocking, Bike Shorts, Disco Flair, Tinsel Fringe, Sheer and Plastic Jackets.

These are the 8 major trends we are going to see everywhere this next spring/summer season:

1.Ultra Violet

2.Balloon Sleevs

3.Colour Blocking

4.Bike Shorts

5.Disco Flair

6.Tinsel Fringe


8.Plastic Jacket

Refinery29 shared top trends from Pinterest including Big Earrings, Wide Leg Pants, Prominently Placed Brand Logos, Layered Clothing , Beret All Day, The OG Jeans (“mom jeans”), and Shoes that POP(Pearls, Sparkels,etc)

Here are few pictures putting in an order :

1.Big Earings

2.Wide Leg Pants

3.Placed Brand Logos

4.Layered Clothing

5.Beret Hat

6.The OG Blue Jeans

7.Shoes That POP

As you may have noted, some of the trends are quite similar (naturally) and I certainly have a few preferences of my own. I’ve already stocked up on a few of these styles.

I always love looking through the latest trends of the season and…well, I love all of the options above.They’re all unique and are ones I’m considering putting in an order for ( not that I can use any of them right now,lolllzz!😁)

Hope you enjoyed the read.

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