Two days in Amritsar is what we had- enough time to experience the city, in and around. My agenda was, to spend as much time as possible at the Golden Temple and experience the religious customs, practices, and of course, the vibe of the place, of which I heard a lot from everyone. 

The Golden Temple is the most revered gurudwara for Sikhs. Harmandir Sahib is it’s official name. But due to the gold plated building, devotees lovingly refer to it as the Golden Temple. 

The main building of the Golden Temple is surrounded by a lake. People of all religions come here in huge numbers to offer prayers and take a dip in this holy lake. And the way this place is managed is indeed incredible. Aroud 100,000 visitors are being served everyday with unlimited wholesome food and tea -the Temple management  and their love makes sure that no one goes to sleep with an empty stomach in Amritsar. 

Other place to visit:

Just few minutes walk from Golden Temple is the great Jallianwala Bagh.We took a round over here. A place of national importance, the garden is associated with the Indian Freedom Movement.The place is now a full-fledged garden with pathways, and has a light and sound show too. 

After that we also explore few local markets here. The market of a particular city depicts its uniqueness, culture, food habits, and clothing. And finally Kaku di Lassi gave a great buzz after a round of local market.

And make sure to check the Wagha Ceremony

The Wagha Border ceremony is an elaborate ceremony that happens here everyday at 5pm, during the closing of the border gates. It begins with the marching of soldiers, who end it by lowering the Flags together, as a sign of unity, in diversity, and crowds cheer on with slogans like Vande Mataram and Jai Hind. We really enjoyed here, I must say one should experience at least, once in a life time. 

What’s Punjab Without Food ?

Back to Amritsar,one of the top foodie destinations in India.Amritsar is brimming with “dhabas”and is famous for cooking all their food in desi ghee(Indian equivalent of butter).

Enrout to Wagha border we were recommend for Balle Balle Dhaba by our driver as we were looking for a good dhaba for lunch. We went to the dhaba, it’s near Atri Border Road. If you are looking for a proper traditional food of Punjab then step here, the food was delicious and outstanding. We had a lavish lunch of Dal Makhani,Chole and Paratha in the Punjab Thal,we just loved it. 

Hope you enjoyed the post❤

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