Hello everyone! I wanted to create my blog a long time ago but somehow I wasn’t ready until now.So,I chose to write on best topics for lifestyle blog, then I probably will categorize into TravelFoodFashion & Beauty.At this exact moment I have no followers, nobody knows that I exist and it’s kind of strange and funny doing this. I have no big ambitions and I don’t pretend to be famous or something, I’m doing this because I like it, think it’s interesting, nice hobby and my way of being creative and having fun while doing it. But if it gets your attention I would be more than happy and proud, so I hope you like it and if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know 🙂

So let’s begin! 🙂 For this post I’ve chosen the photos I took a while ago in Goa I went there in Jan 17th 2017.And this was perhaps my best ever trip to Goa. I did visit the beach, but that was just a tiny part of the trip. I did so much more things. 

Exploring it’s real way of life, it’s churches in tiny villages, it’s iconic Portuguese houses, street photography and of course, some unusual food.

A holiday to Goa can encompass countless experiences, from exploring the rich cultural heritage of this former Portuguese colony, to delving into the stunning natural world found within Goa; you’ll have a great range of holiday types to choose from. To give you a flavour of the diverse offerings of this beautiful state, we’ve put together a list of the top things to do in Goa.

1. Hit the beaches

2. Sample the incredible food

3. Attend a traditional festival celebration 

4. Peruse one of Goa’s local markets

5. Explore colonial Goa

6. Discover the nature of Goa

Thank you 


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